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When you cum in a batch of muffin mix make them and give them away.
That batch of nuffins for the bake sale were jizzmuffins.
by blueberryqueermuffin October 26, 2010
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covering a muffin-preferably blueberry, with creamy jizz as a substitute for butter
by jason da shiz k-man June 24, 2003
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1. word used to describe a unfortunate loser that can never be helped.

2. word used to describe an asshole.
1. ha! look at that damn jizz muffin.

2. fucking jizz muffin!
by Hannah June 27, 2004
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The act of a man ejaculating into the batter of a muffin mix then pooping into the batter making the poop looking like chocolate chips then bake the muffin then ejaculating into the icing spreading onto the muffin. Then they present it to an unfavorable person or animal.
Well you can have one of my mammy's jizz muffins you son of a batch of cookies!
by jizzpiss maximus July 03, 2010
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An overweight male homosexual that a straight male has sex with do to a drunken stupor, or other altered state.
After I smoked a bowl last night and drink a bottle of Jack I was so horny I fucked my neighbor he is such a jizz muffin.
by Echc93 February 03, 2018
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