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1. (n) A flipflop covered in semen used for the purpose of slapping other people with it.

2. (v) To slap someone with a flipflop covered in semen.

3. (pn) A nickname for someone who slaps others with a jizzflop.
Gabe, who lives on the 2nd floor of a college dorm, was masturbating in the shower of the 3rd floor. Benny took his towel & clothes in revenge and his roommate put them in the common room down the hall. Gabe then retaliated by ejaculating on a flipflop and slapping Benny and Tootsum with the jizzflop.

Friend 1: "Dude! I just got jizzflopped by Jizzflop with a jizzflop!"
Friend 2: "WTF. How could anyone even think of doing that?!?"
Friend 1: "Apparently Jizzflop..."
by Tootsum February 02, 2012
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