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Jimsmurd while in close relation, is not a smurd. A Jimsmurd is often the bitch of a group of friends. Tall, shaggy hair that is almost swaying to one side, bad acne. Laughs often at things that are not funny, mostly said by him. Tries to act like he is black by using words like gangsta, dawg, G, and cuz. His group of friends is much higher up in the social status of there school student body than the jimsmurd, they know this and exploit it. This group of friends will ask the jimsmurd to do ridiculous things and he will happily do them. The Jimsmurd will often invite you to go to the mall with him to by some skate t shirts and skate shoes, though he doesn't skateboard. Does whatever he feels necessary to fit in. Like the smurd he hooks up with and/or dates girl 2 years + younger than him named courtney.
Jimsmurd: "Yo dawgs! wanna go to Pac Sun and get some Volcom shirts?!"

Cooler person 1: "No bro.

Jimsmurd: "alright i think im gonna go get a hand job from courtney then!"

Cooler person 2: "Brah, she is 15!"

Jimsmurd: "peace up p town down, G's!"
by Paul Buttuta October 28, 2007
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