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the trainer from the biggest loser and one of the toughest scariest people in the known universe.....
contestant : I WANNA QUIT!!!
Jillian michaels: NEVER!!!!!! (turns into the hulk)
by whatever 45 March 26, 2010
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jillian michaels came to fame as america's toughest trainer on the hugely popular weight loss show, the biggest loser. she rose up from her humble beginning as an unhealthy kid.

she has now launched best selling books (such as mastering your metabolism), iphone apps, podcasts (from her radio show) and a new tv show, losing it with jillian.

she's 5'2".
jillian michaels has inspired me to get off the ranch dressing, and onto the treadmill.
by procrastination! June 12, 2010
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