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Jihye is a girl who is as happy as she is little. She is an expert at a lot of things, among those making salads is her prefered area of expertise.

She will always make you feel happy with her chubby smile and her wierd understanding of any language that isn't Korean.

If you perform the correct ritual at the correct time, you can bring out the party animal in her, but be careful this can cost you more than you think.
Wow, did you see that girl last night? She danced the floor on fire!

Yeah i know, someone must have performed a very correct ritual in a very correct time.
Absolutely, she was the most crazy party animal i've ever seen!

Why is that girl pronouncing names in such a weird manner?

Oh man, haven't you heard? she is a Jihye!

How can you tell?
We performed the party animal ritual with her last night, and she was absolutely crazy!
by GeoG May 10, 2016
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