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A slang to call anyone, not only a black person, a HOE!
Did that nigga Howie tap that ass last night? Nah, that jigga hoe was being a lil bitch.

Yo yo, I'm a Giggalo, I ain't no jigga Hoe.
by Tadowta January 11, 2006
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A wild ass hoe that doesnt care about anything or anyone.
boy, Sheneise is a jiggahoe
by Tony2Raw February 16, 2005
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jiggahoe-origin queens new york created randomly dont know why I made it but I did meaning idiot,moron,asshole etc.
bob:"yo i failed all eight of my classes even gym"

sunil:nigga you is da ill jiggahoe
by sunil jones July 24, 2006
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1.Verb to dig a hole.
2.Adjective awesome in style legitimite
3.Noun the house where one kicks it.
1.You see those homies try to jiggahoe?
2.That car is jiggahoe.
3.Yo lets bounce to the jiggahoe.
by DerekAndrewAprilDarren April 05, 2008
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