An imaginary animal created by Steven Brust. Small, and dragon-like with poisonous fangs. The only tame jhereg are ones who have been earned by witches to be familiars.

Also, a branch of people are called Jhereg.(You can tell if he means the animal or the people by the capitalization) Also in the books by Steven Brust, these people are the lowest house and are mainly involved in black market type business. Such as: Assassins, Thieves, Pimps, and they run gambling houses and many other things.
Loiosh is a wise-ass jhereg and is Vladimir's sidekick in the Jhereg series, or Adventures of Vlad Taltos.

Vladimir is an Easterner (human)who became a Jhereg when his father spent his life earnings to buy a title in the House Jhereg.

Jhereg Hustler: I think one of my wizards betrayed me...
Another Jhereg: Well what did you expect from a Jhereg.
by Athyraslove July 19, 2008
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