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Jhayson is a very kind person, know how to talk with others, have many friends and a very cute guy. Sometimes a Jhayson is very emotional, when he got hurt emotionally it heals for a very long time. A very loyal person. He is good in advising. A very fun guy. Somehow a jealous guy. He is serious in terms of relationship and in terms of Love life. He is brave when someone is around him, especially if he is with his friends and love ones. Shy at first but when you get to know him he will become fun to be with. Everyone seems close to him especially when you started talking with him. He listens to your story and try to give an advice for it. a very soft hear-ted guy. and he asked me to put this here. :))
A jhayson asked me to define him :))
by sassurawks October 23, 2011
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