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A person sits on their shoulders, ass up in the air, then place the said hostess cupcake (creme filled preferrably) onto their anus, and at this point you have 3 options. Affluent persons that can afford a fly swatter are to smite it upon the cupcake until its contents are inside of the anus, or, they can smack it with their hand if no such flyswatter is to be had. If you're good at this technique, you can achieve maximum skill if when you strike the cupcake, only its creme filled contents enter the rectum but not the bread and you hear a "pop" sound. Next, apply a dildo/vibrator/penis, spear it through, f to taste, then deep throat it until the cake remnants at the base reach their face. Conclude with a facial blast followed with a violent face rubbing for maximal pleasure. Stacking of cupcakes, sombrero, pancho, Yarmulke are optional.
"When he fell face first on the sidewalk, his friend screamed "Your face looks like a Jexican Cupcake Facial!"
by lidmaster27 June 23, 2007
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