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You get a jewring when you take off the yammicka and it leaves either hat head or a ring in ones hair where the yammicka was.
-Look at that Jew boy.
-How do you know he is a Jew?
-Just look at that mad Jewring left on that kid.
by Brodie Bruce January 18, 2005
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Jew rings are a boiled then baked dough ring. when referred to as bagels, they are usually very poor in quality. but Jew rings are top notch in texture and flavour.

Jew ring is the true translation for the Yiddish word "beygl", which is rarely acknowledged. Bagel, the English word given to represent Beygl is incorrect.

Bagels while similar, are different, usually being pronounced incorrectly, much like catsup is not the same as ketchup.
Schlomo: I'm getting hungry, hymie, what should we do?

Hymie: well its obvious,isnt it? we must go to Avi's Bakery and pick up some Jew rings!

Schlomo: well what are we waiting for??

Client1: oh jesus... he's getting antsy for his money, what do we do?

Client2: lets give him a bag of Jew rings, that should hold him off
by steve2202 November 13, 2010
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