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this describes jewish men who are outwardly camp as knickers, but who then amaze you when they introduce you to their wife and four children. more often than not they are married to a very strong woman who continues the role of his domineering mother. he is happy in this world convincing no one but maybea himself. it would never occur to him to come out of the closet as this would shatter not only his world, but that of his parents, his wife, umpteen children, the congregants of his synagogue. he would then feel duty bound to resign from whatever charity work he does. but worse than all of these things..... there would be a silence whenever he walked into the deli on a sunday for his two bagels..... this would be earth shattering as there has never been a silence when more than one jewish person has been in a room
too many to mention, but i don't fancy getting sued for libel by a jewpoofery lawyer that i know
by mamzer1873 August 03, 2008
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