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A fly person or group of people. Usually are handsome guys that have all the clothes and sneakers nobody else can get. Usually get all the girls. And have a BBC. These guys are natural born winners and smart.
Example 1:
Hot Girl: Damn look at the shoes on Jeff's feet he is one hell of a jetsetter. I just have to have sex with him and get some of that bbc!
Model Chick: Yea and he is smart and athletic I want him to have sex with me in my mouth until he ejaculates all over my big breast.
Hot Girl: Yea we gonna do it to him because he is a jettsetter.
Hot Teacher: Good job on the test Jeff you got the highest grade in the class. And nice outfit by the way.
Jeff: Thanks
Hot Teacher: I need you to stay after class because we need to have sex. I want some of that BBC.
Jeff: Ok thats cool. Man I love being a jettsetter
by Yea_I_wrote_this_UCHuskies April 28, 2009
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