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Jessica Rowe was a contestant in Miss Universe Canada 2010. She was one of the top 20.

Jessica was born and raised in the Township of King. Upon achieving the Ontario Scholar Award at King City Secondary she began her studies at the University of Western Ontario where she is currently completing a degree in Commercial Aviation and Business Management.

As one of the fives females enrolled in the Commercial Aviation Program (Class of 2012), among over 50 males, she hopes to promote and bring awareness to many occupational fields that are still primarily male-dominated around the world, such as aviation. It is her goal to have her Private Pilot License before the end of December 2009.

Jessica is also an active member in her community, promoting preservation of the environment and encouraging sustainable living. She volunteers at the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Annual Charles Sauriol Environmental Dinner for the Living City every year and numerous other environmental awareness events.
Claire: I wish I could be like Jessica Rowe, she's in Miss Universe and she's a pilot

Francine: And she volunteers for the environment

John: I want to Marry her, she has beautiful blonde locks
by sillylittleindian December 14, 2010
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a middle aged blonde woman who used to host the TODAY show with karl stefanovic. all she did was laugh and it drove people insane. she had her 30 seconds of dignity on dancing with the stars. she married peter overton and they had a little girl together. she's been on every bloody station in australia. right now she'll ocassionally read channel seven news if she's not too busy laughing her head off
Karl: "welcome back to the TODAY show, right now, we'll be talking to a father of two who almost died in a house fire."

Jessica Rowe: "hahaha ha ha ha"

Karl: "Come on jess, this is serious"

Jessica Rowe: "haha"

Karl: "grrr"
by missy 101 August 31, 2008
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