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'jerkin in aus' is the act of performing jerking ( a lame type of breakdancing) on the continent of Australia. This act is considered an embarrassment to western society, and is widely ridiculed especially by the lads of CCGS Though, there is a significant difference between 'jerkin in aus' and simply 'Jerking' in Australia. To truly be 'jerkin in aus' there are several requirements:
1. Your dad must be filming
2. You must be hated by 90% of people that know you
3. You must disgrace historic buildings
4. You must be a complete fucking Dickhead
5. You must love penis in and around your mouth
6. Your only friend must be an orc
7. You must suck at life
8. You must recover from each fall by shifting your weight to your right hand, suspending your legs in the air, and looking like a total shithead
There has been only one reported case of 'jerkin in aus'. It was uploaded to youtube on 23rd of November 2009. The video was widely ridiculed by the wide Australian community. Response has been overwhelmingly negative (with reason)

below, the definition of lads, they took heckling this jerker to the next level.
by wagawagan June 04, 2010
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