Noun: describing a person who annoys me by asking for time off work when they should come to work.
Kitten is a jerkface and doesn't want to come to work.
by ddw112 January 20, 2012
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slang term used by people when describing someone who has irritated them for a split moment of time. butthole aka. Brittany
Brittany from Morgan.
If you call me at 2, you will be a freakin' jerkface.jdiz
by vidstore January 03, 2008
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They are the type of person who gets kicked out of rec league softball games or quits their job unexpectedly in the middle of the year. They are that kid that went to private school and liked starting fights with public school kids...the soft, suburban, white kind tho. They might look unassuming in their goofy jorts and biker hats, but once they open their mouth, you instantly want to punch them right in their stupid jerk face. They are typically from the Midwest given their overall softer, yet still hateable personality. If they were from the northeast they would be labeled a dick. If they were from LA they would most likely be an asshole

Good for replacing first or last names, or both.
Well, Jerk Face threw the ball over the fence again. Now nobody can play

Jerk Face told everyone about his wedding. Didn't invite any of his friends. Been rubbing it in ever since.
by Blade the Babe April 24, 2017
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calling somebody the coolest person ever and thus making oneself a loser
you're such a jerkface!
well thank you, don't be so hard on yourself
by mikeyiscoolerhanbeckie January 02, 2010
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The phrase you use when playing video games and your parents are in the other room.
OMG this Jerk Face just killed me.
by Alldr55678990 January 04, 2019
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jerk face is the definition of someone who uses u and when u get bored they leave.
hey whos the jerk face..?
oh, that's Chris
by tiredofpeople November 06, 2018
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