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Pronounced "gen-eck-er" all one sound.

1 - (v). The act of being a slut

2 - (adj). Used to describe a person (usually female) whom, everyone knows is a slut. Even the person themselves, but they wont admit it to anyone. otherwise known as a closet whore.

3 - (adj). used to describe a girl who is a cheater, liar, and fucks other guys more than her own boyfriend for shits and giggles.

4 - (n). the girl at the party who is too drunk to care that she is flashing everyone around her, and letting people touch and suck on her tits.
4a. the girl at the party who is too drunk to care about sucking a dick the instant its thrown in her face by a multiple number of guys at a time.

5 - (n). a very young simple minded female who is into much older men*

*sugar daddy
1 - (v). Girl 1: "She just sucked 6 guys off and doesn't even know their names."
Girl 2: "Yeah, she definitely pulled off a Jennecker."

2 - (adj). Guy 1 "I Fucked this girl at a party last night. Had to be a slut. Knew exactly how to give it and take it. But didn't want people to see us go into the other room."
Guy 2 "Hmm... that's odd. Maybe she's a jennecker."
Guy 1 "Oh, right. I should have known. Better go get tested ASAP."
Guy 2 "did you wear a rubber?"
Guy 1 "Naw dog. I like it raw."
Guy 2 "Dumbass."

3 - (adj). "The realest human jennecker that ever lived! See it tonight at the Gallery of pr0n! Only 1 dollar per tryout"

4 - (n). Guy 1 "Did you see that jennecker last night? Holy shit she was packing meat like a slaughter house."
Guy 2 "hell yeah man, i got mine sucked by her."
Guy 3 "Ya dude, me too."
Guy 4 "Yeah she could take a dick."
Transvestite 1 "yeah so glad i got this thing."
Guy 5 "Damn, she was a jennecker."

5 - (n). Person 1 "Where did she get the money for that car?"
Person 2 "Money, what money? she sucked old grey balls for that car."
Person 3 "Ew son, what a jennecker."

by TKE frat February 02, 2009
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