A nice, sweet, and seemingly decent girl who pretends to be a "goody good". In reality she is at college cheating on her boy friend back home, having flings with and making out with countless douchebag guys, and sucking dick when she gets drunk enough.
Joe: Turns out Megan is a closet whore.

Jon: Doesn't surprise me, they are everywhere now days.
by "The truth" July 4, 2012
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a girl who misleads others with her outside appearance of being a decent, sincere person but leads a secret life of banging every guy she can.
He thought she was the one, but it turns out she was a closet whore who had banged the whole basketball team. In one night.
by pregan October 15, 2005
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a seemingly innocent female by appearance, but secretly she leads a very permiscous lifestyle.
I would have never guessed that church girl back home to be a "closet whore."
by Ryan Harris March 6, 2005
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A woman or in fact occasionally a man who will not admit to either intentionality or unintentionally being a whore
A closet whore will flirt with EVERYONE but never admit or be aware of doing so. He/she is usually someone quite unexpected and who manages to keep most of their promiscuous behaviour under the radar!
Geeky, swatty chick: Lets play house! i'll be the door and you can slam me all night! I'll have to swear you to secrecy though!
Boy: umm okay sure!
Eavesdropper: Omg you are such a closet whore!
by whydopeopletalktome? December 19, 2011
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a closter whore is a male or female who sleeps around with members of the same sex, yet denies they are homosexual when asked by a person who they've slept with. it's a person who is in the clost yet sleeps around with the same sex.
man: We should go out some time, seeing as we just had sex and all.

closet whore: nah, im not gay.
by chealih June 20, 2015
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An awesome band started in Scottsdale, Arizona by Ellen and Jared when they were 16. Album comes out soon!
"Hey do you know any bands that sounds like-"

"Yeah, The Closet Whores"

"But you didn't know what I was going to say?"

"Didn't need to."
by wh0opwh0op January 2, 2012
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A girl that you wouldn't expect to be a whore but she is in fact, one of the biggest whores in town. An undercover slut if you will.
Robert: Yo, this girl is a keeper man, she's literally so sweet.
Bob: Don't go for it bro, she's a closeted whore. Half the boys in town have ran through that.
Robert: Huh, I never would've guessed.
by BubbaGumpsShrimpBoat February 6, 2020
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