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The most amazing girl in the world, she can help you with anything, teach you so many things and help you realize things about you that you never knew. This girl is very nice and talented, so pretty to the point i cant stop taking my eyes off her. Someone that loves to sing during calls and will always hype you up. Will mimic you time by time but will always bring a smile to your face after. A wonderful girl that i ever met and someone that i never knew i would be with. She knows so many things and is very smart. She will help you with anything, she will do anything she can to help you. Don't underestimate her either, cause she got claws. Like a Lion then to a lul kitten. A name thats rare and a name that can mean so many things. Can bring smiles on your face everyday, keep you cheesin all day. Cheer you up from the most disaster est thing you can ever think of. She can be so funny to the point that you cant stop laughing and smiling. Just a one of a kind.
Look at that cute couple!
Yup its a Jenilyn and her boyfriend
by josjen January 24, 2018
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