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Used to describe or point out a woman or a woman's breasts in the presence of other people. It is a signal to a friend that there are breasts in close proximity.

Often shortened to "jengo" or "jengos." Can be used in combination with other describing words that still allow for it to not be obvious that you are talking about a woman within earshot.
"Check out jengofett."

While in a large group, simply yell "Jengofett!" to alert nearby friends that somethings of interest are near or nearing.

While near a hippy chick with large breasts: "So I was thinking about bohemi-jengo the other day while skeet shooting some old Abba records." This will alert your friend that a hippy chick with some sweet gong donglers is around.

While near a fat girl with monstrous breasts: "Jabba-jengo is an interesting subject of study in today's economic climate." Be aware that not everyone will be thankful for the chance to see some below the belt tommyknockers.
by jengofett December 01, 2009
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