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jen•a•side (jen'e'-sid'.) n. The systematic and planned intimidation of African American people, through fear of lynching. jen.a•sid'al (sid'l) adj., jen.a•sid-al•ly adv.

the deliberate intimidation of a racial or cultural group

The noose has been used throughout history to instill fear. Many times this fear has become a reality for blacks in America. The Jena Six incident in Jena, Louisiana demonstrated the cultural significance of lynching, as nooses tied to a tree recalled the history of lynching. This practice came to an end largely due to the efforts of a radio talk show personality by the name of Michael Baisden in the year 2007. His efforts to bring attention to the plight of the Jena Six have earned him much respect and admiration.
America has two sides, one is the American dream and the other is the Jenaside.
by harold moore November 11, 2007
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