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Fear of gelatin. The concept of jellophobia synthesizes an instinctual feeling and offers a potential solution to a conundrum: fear and acceptance.
Faces and hands are flattened into irregular gelatin bodies.

The eyes are closed and the hands are either opened or tightly closed.

Too many times we cannot fully understand the exact causes and mechanisms of a chronic disease.

Fear, solitude, hopelessness.

The images are offering a solution: acceptance.

Our "solution" is meant to be controversial.

On one hand it seems to encourage acceptance of beauty, hair, face, skin, air, light, illness.

On the other hand it implies cowardice; giving up the fight.
There is peace with oneself, with one's faith.

There is beauty in the end of struggle.

All that is left of their humanity is the physical beauty.

The mind and the soul are taken over by the unfathomable, transparent entity.

The element of chronic illness also comes into play.
by nebuloso December 31, 2004
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Jellophobia is the fear of gelatin, jello, or anything of that matter. It is an irrational fear. Jellophobia can make a person cry or scream when they see gelatin. They WILL NOT eat it.
Mrs. Murphy, a first-grade teacher, screamed when she saw a child eating jello so she had jellophobia. The kids laughed when she said that she would not allow jello or gelatin in her class because she had jellophobia.
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by Cotton_star May 20, 2018
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