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a playful coining of Decepticon (deception-icon), the evil robot group in Transformers, and "jejeje," a popular expression of social retards.

It literally means "jeje-icon," a person that confuses originality with obscurity, and creativity with stupidity.

Commonly used by jejemons to refer to their arch-enemies, but obviously impaired by their ability to understand compound English words, hence, using the term wrongly.

"That's what you get for being a jejemon!" 'tard!"

Proper definition: another word for jejemons, who think they were more intelligent than people who follow proper conduct in communicating.
Idiotic definition: "arch-enemies of jejemons..."
Wrong use

jejemon: 0hhh, nowh... i'Veh bEen cAugHt bye ei jEjePticon!
by no.more.jejeje May 27, 2010
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Jejepticons are arch-enemies of jejemons. Jejepticons always have lower IQs than jejemons. Jejepticons are people without sense of originality. They don't have any respect to hispanic, and even asian, people.
He is annoyed when reading a laugh spelled as "jeje". What a jejepticon. What a loser!
by romenhaus April 29, 2010
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