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1.a term defining the most amazing thing or person that you know.

2.A word also used after the end of every sentence to describe awesomeness.

1. That shot was jeffdeck like.

2. Did you see that car sitting over there? jeffdeck
by CharlieHorse March 12, 2009
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1.)jeffdeck is something that is so awesome or legendary it almost seems unreal or implausable.
2.) If someone does something jeffdeck like it may seem as if that person could not have possibly done it because they are not that cool.
3.)Can also stand for a moveable putting green
4.)jeffdeck must be spelled all lower case one word; jeffdeck.
1.)Check out that Ferrari, jeffdeck.
2.)I turned jeffdeck in for my termpaper.
3.)The Terps are jeffdeck.
by Challiehorse March 14, 2009
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