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Literally means "to fuck one´s mother", but has various connotations.

1) Superlative when comparing things by their awesomeness (something like "fucking awesome")
2) Insult
3) Used when describing something (due to lack of anything else to say)
4) To beat someone with arguments or physically
1) Ova nova igra jebe keve. This new game is fucking awesome.

2) Jebacu ti kevu! I´ll fuck your mother (but more of the meaning You are so screwed!)

3) Your friend explaning something you don´t care about for quite a long time. When finally finished you say: Jebe keve...

4) Bas smo im jebali keve! We really showed them who´s the boss! Jako su nam jebali keve. The really screwed us up.
by grgech988 February 25, 2012
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