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Jeanray is a fuckboi who will only be friends with you to get with girls (aka your cousin or bestfriend) and when things get tough bail and blame everything on you. He can be nice and funny and there for you but he’s salty asf.
Guy 1: your being a big jeanray
Guy2 : it’s your fault
by Fudges March 01, 2018
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Jean-ray is a kind generous but short-tempered man he has very high standards and is not always realisic. Jean-Rays are usually very spiritual and give a lot back to their communities. They can be fun and roudy but may frown on others who do the same. They can easily be workaholics and may fall victim to stress. Overall Jean-Ray is a lovable person with a few flaws
His name is Jean-Ray
by Amazeingness December 14, 2018
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