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Old news. Originated on the internet circa 2005 when it became old news to report the headline "Jazz Band Covers Aphex Twin" in reference to The Bad Plus' version of Richard D. James' "Flim."

Variations include 'Jazzb&,' 'JB7'
"Hay guyz check out this disgusting video I found on the internets, called 'Two Girls One Cup'!"

by ez0r August 14, 2008
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A kick ass place where musicians gather together to play music. A place where people feel like they belong. A place where there are amazing people and an amazing teacher who give you knew pieces to play everytime that are always amazing and provide you with the skill to take on even more challenged pieces that soon develope the better musician.
I love jazz band because its fun and relaxing.
by ignatious July 04, 2005
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A group of awesome musicians who play jazz music. Some of the instruments played are: piano, drum set, guitar, bass guitar, trombone, trumpet, alto sax, soprano sax, and tenor sax. Sometimes there is a flute or clarinet. The musicians in a jazz band are usually very comfortable and confident in the music they play.
The jazz band is full of great musicians.
by Sasuke Hater February 19, 2008
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a place where people get high on oranges dipped in vodka while on a trip to reno
"I wanna get jazz band high today!"
by wassupese October 08, 2012
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Ultimately the best extracurricular ever. Imagine 20 dude/ettes all standing around each other for a couple hours a week playing the romantic style of music. Hell yeah. Under the hot stage lights for 3 to 4 hours at a time sweating your uniforms off making your instrument shiny. What’s there not to love?
Hey man, did you see that Jazz band?
Heck yeah man! They’re hot!
Hey man, it’s jazzman.
by Yoinks there’s Scoob December 29, 2019
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