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a jaykcob is a very unique and attractive individual. he has intense eyes and and a clever mind. hes willing to help others before himself and always knows what to say. jaykcob can fool you with a few words but means well in fun and games, although he does tend to be a bit cocky and also stubborn more times then needed. jaykcob is someone you dont want to let go of, he is part of your greatest memory and deserves to stay there.
DW "have you met the new guy, hes so funny"

WD " i know, right? hes so clever he knows just how to make a great joke"

Brittany "thats because hes a jaykcob"

WD " but jacob in accounting isnt that funny"

Brittany "no, no. thats jacob, the new guy is j-a-y-k-c-o-b, its spelt differently, uniquely, makinging him unique"

WD "ohh, damn. i cant wait for next break to talk to him again"
by dear jack. November 24, 2011
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