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a party that occurs in Australia every month where everyone is nude and horny. Girls walk around with wet pussy's looking for hard dicks to suck and guys walk around with boners while jacking off and getting drunk. Massive orgy's and sex games take place where all the guy's ejaculate onto a girl's face after letting her lick the tip of their dicks a few times. People watch porn together, masterbate, fuck eachother, and have all strange types of oral sex. At the end of the party everyone masterbates at the same time and then drinks the cum of the person closest to them whether they're a girl or guy.
The javot last night was so crazy that I woke up to two lesbians licking my ass. It actually felt really good. They licked my pussy until I came so hard that they insisted that they'd lick me until I came again. We fucked eachother so hard and their skin was so soft and delicate that it made it an even better experience. I can't wait until next month!
by javot January 21, 2010
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