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Jatnna is a spanish name that most people dont have but the people that do are either shy,emotional,sensitive but if you got on their nerves they will beat you up

Usally has big butt and likes twerking
"Did you see jatnna tonight she twerked on me, shes my girl.."
by Danny.Really January 03, 2017
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Jatnna is usually a girl, spanish name. Jatnna is also a feirce, beautiful, outstanding, talented girl who loves to dance... mostly bachata. Jatnna has a great social and family life. Jatnna also like to twerk. She has a big booty. She is thick.
“Did you see that beautiful girl that just passed by us?”
“Yeah, I know her. Her name is Jatnna. She is a good dancer.”
by Clara datrats August 06, 2018
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