Jaseh is once in a lifetime time human being and comes and goes he is a crazy impact on the world or if not everyone around him will look up to him and respect him, but yes a few times in jaseh life time as a teen they will all have lots on there mind and won't really express they feellings to u but was really sweet crazy and funny, jaseh isn't someone u should let go of easily cuz once he leaves it's like your heart will be in a jail sail deep in a cave where all u can do is think about him and wish u could have talked to him more often but jaseh is a really creative and real intelligent human being. Jaseh is a kind, cute, funny, strong, spiritual, legendary, cool person nothing more or less, jaseh will only fall in love once but never ends well for them but jaseh goes throu it and puts it behind his back no matter what, jaseh will always live inside u but goes away very horribly and really tragic so precious the next jaseh u meet. Jaseh will love every single person he meets and will show respect and loyalty to the person.
Person:( what u do today jaseh)
Jaseh:( I went out to help the poor and I created some new stuff and just been in my thoughts most of the day listening to music)
by Uglymsft.frenchy July 23, 2018
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The ACTUAL religion of xxxtentacion a religion that anyone can belong too
Hey yea I'm apart of the jasehism religion
by lavenderrocks March 4, 2019
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