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An incredibly disturbing shock video in which a man sits on a jar, and proceeds to insert it in his anus. The jar breaks, after which blood pours from his ass. Without flinching, he calmly picks pieces of broken glass from his rectum, while a pool of blood gathers on the floor.
'You're walking strangely today, did you try copying jarsquatter last night?'

'That curry was so intense, my ass feels worse than jarsquatters'
by dingusmcfadden January 28, 2009
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A shock site where a man proceeds to squat on a glass jar (inserting it into his anus) and the glass jar breaks inside his anus.
'Did you ever see Jar Squatter!?'
by discoxtonks February 18, 2009
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When a male or female squezzes a large jar up his or her anus then lets the jar shatter inside, letting it cut the insides.
there is a video out there named jar squatter
by rafatron February 18, 2009
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