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An uncommon and exciting term for those who practically "get off" to Japanese (or Asian in general because they're idiots) things such as but not limited to anime, manga, j-pop, Asian boy bands, etc. Typically the female species will develop bad habits of wearing strange clothing simply because they saw it on an Asian model or it came from an Asian country, the males may also do this but usually they seem to be a little more careful about revealing their sick obsessions.
Most commonly seen with such people is their desperate need to attempt to be Asian, despite not actually being of Asian descent.
"I can never get enough of Bleach, it's just so well thought out! Did you see TVXQ's new video?" Japfapper #1

"Yes it was simply beautiful, I also bought the bows the girl was wearing that was in it. By the way, they are called DBSK." Japfapper #2

"Lifeless idiots." A Japanese person
by dahlia17 August 06, 2011
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