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Approximately 2 inches long when erect, the short length and lack of girth is due to terror from godzilla attacks
Somewhere along the evolutionary line, the japanese got the shaft (or lost the shaft, i should say); the day Godzilla decided to attack tokyo. They say the japanese penis shrunk 3 sizes that day...
by Big Black January 07, 2007
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Refers to : Short Penis/Small Stump

Miniature 100% of the time
Japanese Penis

Alexa : OMG! I was about to have sex with yoshihiro and then I saw His Penis!

Johnny : Really? was it as little as the ones in japanese porn?

Alexa : Even smaller! He told me that the japanese porn stars in japan are considered to be really hung! after i saw his penis i had no doubt!

susan at the sushiya thought she had picked up the piece of salmon nigiri with her chopsticks only to find that what she had grabbed was not a piece of fish, but a in fact a fully erect japanese
by ihavenonaymmm April 27, 2009
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