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A cheesy, silly, unreliable, or otherwise dumb strategy, generally used for either novelty of using it or the challenge of beating people with it. In gaming, you will often see people playing like this if they are smurfing or are otherwise competing below their skill level, or in an unranked mode where winning or losing doesn't have any ramifications.
Card Game Player 1: "God, I'm so fucking pissed. I lost to the jankiest fucking strat just now."
CG Player 2: "Oh, really? What happened?"
CG Player 1: "I drew none of the answers I needed and he pulled off a stupid combo that took him three whole turns to set up"
CG Player 2: "Three turn combo? What the fuck, dude's on some shit."

CG Player 1: "Like I said, total jank strat."
by Diamond III Scrublady June 03, 2018
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