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A boy who dresses and sometimes behaves the way girls are expected to, often into more feminine things like dolls, dancing, fashion, gymnastics or beauty. Stereotypically wears clothing of more feminine taste and design, but not necessarily full drag. Often brought up with a lot of sisters or a child of a single mother.
"Johnny is such a janegirl. He prefers learning cheers to playing football."

See also sissy, pansy, fairy
by Melissa By Choice May 15, 2005
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The polar opposite of a tomboy; i.e. a boy who likes traditionally feminine things
Anthony loves dressup, he's such a janegirl
by James Devons October 11, 2016
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The kind of girl you can take home to meet mom. Sexy and hot but knows how to act around the p-unit.
I'm really hot for Sierra, she's hotter than a firecracker but is really sweet too. I'm gonna invite her home to meet mom. My mom will love her, Sierra's a janegirl!
by Lou Trevisan September 25, 2005
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