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a white guy who isn't rich, ignorant, or racist, and doesn't quite fit the definition of "wigger". unlike wiggers, a jando doesnt believe or has never claimed to be black, although he hangs out with almost only minorities, is very outspoken against corporate white america, and is very into true hip hop (not (c)rap such as 50 cent, eminem, and mostly anything u see on tv, which is almost exclusively for white people that think it makes them look cool). a jando never ever ever even considers using the negro word and wants to kill any white person that ever does. a jando, unlike your typical rich, wigger, cannot afford to wear fancy "ghetto" clothes such as ecko and rocowear, but instead dresses "affordable" from places such as footlocker.

a jando is a very inteligent life form well aware of the history of racism in the world, the struggles of poor people in america, and plans on doing something about it in the future. a jando is truly a unique species on this planet. he does not worry about fitting in or conforming with society.

although some may not admit it, a jando is possibly the greatest thing this world has been introduced to...
you kno that jando kid? i hate that kid i mean come on he hangs out with black people, wut a homo...
by yehh April 18, 2006
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To be snitched on or to call someone a snitch
"Damn dude why you being a "Jando"
"Yo man that guy just snitched on me, Damn sounds like a jando to me."
by FuckJakeAnderson September 15, 2014
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