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something to eat, specially if you don't have to cook it or put it in the oven/microwave, it's also something you can eat inmediately, such as a snack, but also it can be a meal that's already made and you're ready to eat it. Also, if you scream it, it means you're hungry
Example 1
Guy 1- Dude, do you have some jalufa?
Guy 2- Oh, so you're hungry? I got some waffles with chocolate syrup!! really yummy!!
Guy 1: let's go!! eating time!!

Example 2
Son: JALUFA!!!
Mother: don't worry, son, lunch time is 5 minutes left....

Example 3:

Shopkeeper: Hello, may I help you?
Customer: Sure, I was looking for some jalufa
Shopkeeper: I got some just made bakery, do you want some?
Customer: Sure!!!
by Uxiesama February 24, 2013
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