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A really hot girl that’s not shy at all but she doesn’t have a lot of confidence but she knows deep down what’s right and what’s wrong but closes to do both and she also likes guys but goes for the bad guys that breaks hearts and not the good guys that would do anything for her!!
My friend is such a jalexis.
by Aj O. May 17, 2018
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a catogory of music heavily supported and funded by 2 people: Joe and Alexi.
Hense the name "jalexi". This brand of music is common to bands such as kings of leon, the white stripes, the libertines, the strokes and variouse other "the" bands. This particular catorgory is also to a lesser extent supported by fartso's
lets go buy some jalexi music, fartso.
by Martin Perkins January 01, 2004
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