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Jaleiry- The nice girl/boy to know, she/he is silly, sweet and just down right amazing, she/he is straight forward, weird but to them weird is good. Loves her/him family and friends and gets excited a lot. He/she will listen to you and make you happy and tell you the honest truth. She/he doesn't get mad easily unless it's something he/she cares deeply about than she/he gets mad. Goofy, happy, smart and kind that is a Jaleiry for you. She not afraid to show you she is weird ( In a good way ). She/he does complain but it's in a good way. She/he is amazing!! but don't hurt her that's when all her/him pain is out.
"Wow that's Jaleriy for you weird and honest" He said looking at the boy Jaleiry was talking to
"She's my bestfriend and yeah she/he is weird" I said back to him
by Tresa G June 10, 2018
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