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(JAKEOLOGY)Jakeology is the philosophy of The "JAKENESS". It is the knowing of everything and also the understanding of everything. it is also the being of "JAKENESS" witch allows you to can be classified as the "JAKENESS", such as classic rock or women(Gayness is not a part of the "JAKENESS").In knowing this, you shall become part of The "JAKENESS" and know what to like and what not to like. Even though you were not born as the "JAKENESS", like myself, you can become a small part of it, making yourself a little betterthen the normal fagget human being.

(JAKENESS)To describe The "JAKENESS" though, is like trying to describe god. It is basically impossible but you know what it is. The "JAKENESS" is the word of greatness and ultimate power. there is nothing comparable to it. Men cower in it face as if there manliness was stopped on like an unwanted pest. women orgasm on site do to its undefined mystic aura. and no matter what, in the face of anything, The "JAKENESS" is superior.
Ex: Knowing that women are hot and that men should only sleep with women is a small part of jakeology , The "JAKENESS".
by jake zickefoose October 20, 2007
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