1. A mixed drink consisting of Jameson whiskey and Ginger ale.

2. A character in Game of Thrones described as a "yellow haired shit"
by robb stark January 30, 2012
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Characters who had great arcs end shitty. Characters who deserved better endings then they were given by the show runners.
Alex Karev was Jaime Lannistered!
by BoredPokaDot March 06, 2020
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Verb: Pronounced Jay-Mee Lan-ister. Definition: When you have sex with a married woman with no regards to impregnating the woman. When said woman becomes pregnant, you let her husband raise the child because after all, it is his kid.
"Bro did you use a rubber last night?" "Nah bro, I just decided to pull a Jaime Lannister and then yeet out for some Waffle House."
by Boatie97 August 26, 2019
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