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a weaker prison inmate who is forced to become a sex slave to his bigger cellmate (his daddy) in exchange for protection against other jailhouse rapists.
A jail punk also tends to all the household duties of his cell, such as cleaning the toilet, polishing shoes, folding clothes, and other duites often done by traditional wives.
However the most important task for a jail punk is to satisfy his cellmate sexually any way his daddy's demands. The punk agrees not only to suck dick and be ass-fucked without resistance, he often times is asked to pretend he is a woman, making female moaning sounds.. etc. He also agrees to be loaned out or sold at his daddy's discretion.
Scott Peterson is a jail punk.
by MStevens March 31, 2005
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the bitch in a prison. they are usually in jail for tax evasion or molesting their children. these are the guys who cry on their first night and try to avoid the scary black men who stare at them and have the bottom of their shirts tied in a knot. jail punks get pounded in the anus quite often in the shower and in their cell. they usually get protection from the black guy they share their cell with, even though that is the same guy plowing them every night.
burly black guy wearing lipstick: hey, boy! get ova he'a. we is gonna play ourselves some pony express!

jail punk: yessir. please be gentle.

burly black guy wearing lipstick: NOT TODAY, BOY! DROP THEM PANTIES!

jail punk: YESSIR!
by clevelandsteamer August 16, 2005
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