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A Jahsyah is a kind, loyal person who usually likes to do art. Even though she might not be good at it, she loves to do it. Either having dark brown or black hair, you can almost always guarantee it's going to be in a bun or braid. A Jahsyah also likes to sing all the time. If you friend a Jahsyah, she will always be your friend, no matter what. Eyes are usually a brown colour. A Jahsyah gets very tanned in the summer but lighter through out the winter. Jahsyah is a somewhat clumsy person but very smart. Though she may not show it, she cares for everyone and is very religious. A Jahsyah will usually like someone that isn't as popular as the rest of the guys she likes. A Jahsyah is a kind person with a huge heart.
Brandon: "That girl is so nice"
Sean: "She sure is a Jahsyah!"
by Lilliepie2006 November 22, 2017
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