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A beautiful, lovely, intelligent girl. She is very sexy, and is loyal to both her boyfriend and bestfriend. She is perfect. If you dont know a Jahnessa, you have issues dude... Also, she loves to dance and sing.
by yolo_swag_2013 December 23, 2013
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Jahnessa is a girl who makes everyone uncomfortable. She’s beautiful, and very good with makeup, she’s a girl who has been through a lot in her past , so Jahnessa will take her anger out on lots of people. Jahnessa is a good friend, if you actually are able to become friends with her. She sets high standards for people and when they do something she doesn’t like Jahnessa will flip out. She is a good girlfriend when she wants to be, but she also can be very hard to be with. She’s very good with threats and she has a great fashion sense. Go find yo self a Jahnessa wooohoooo.
Look here comes Jahnessa
by Behonesthonestly May 08, 2018
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