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Someone you can call or text at any time day or night and they can tell if something is wrong without you even telling them. they laugh with you and they cry with you. they don't tell you what to do, they let you make your own mistakes,but they are there to catch you when you fall. they love you know matter what and they don't judge you. they randomly call you just to tell you they love you or to call you a b**** and then tell you they love you lol. and you can trust them no matter what you tell them.

In short Jag + Mit = Friend of the entire world
when i needed him he was there... he is such a Jagmit
by killers53 February 12, 2010
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A pussy ass bitch that runs his mouth on everyone. When it comes to beef mans ain’t got balls to talk and says he will get his cousins involved. Lately has backed out to an Indian.
Jagmit a pussy imma cal my cousins now fuck you
by Apkausuahbrvvaa June 16, 2018
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