When i grow up i wanna be a jafari. When i grow up i want to marry a jafari
by Ramtinos May 13, 2015
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Jafari's can be shy or timid at first glance, But they are always the life of a party. A lover who wouldn't ever leave your side and a friend who would beat the shit out of someone. Jafari's are the most honest and real people you'd ever meet, Never lying Jafaris tend to mind their own business unless someone they care about has a problem. Jafari's fall in love with people that are EXTREMELY funny and a little bit of a book worm.
Girl: Do these jeans make me look like shit?
Jafari: Hell no girl, All the guys will start drooling over you.
by phobetic November 10, 2019
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A young man who is a Simp, but he simps for males, usually between the ages of 11 and 16.
But the other party only engages he for the memes.He has no self dignity and seems to like Italians in particular Fabio
Those kids on the football team are in the fifth grade
Don't pull a Jafari, you god damn reverse simp.
by !2nchRicky March 16, 2020
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Jafari's are rich and they get all the girls they are also athletic and they will always do their best to win and never back down from a fight he try to help his friends bu they dont realise
by Jaydengayyyy November 29, 2021
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