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Jadalynn is a beautiful smart intelligent awesome girl. She is thick and people know It but don’t wanna say it. Guys are mostly shy to go to her and say something cute but in the inside jadalynn really wants that someone to say that nice something to her. If you make jadalynn happy she will brighten your life and fade the worst away from you. She is so sweet all the guys should like her.

She gets all the guys usually in the higher grades. She walks pass and all you know is guys looking at her butt. She has a big one too. Did I mention that. Jadalynn is the best friend you could ever have.
Guy 1 : “Jadalynn has a big butt

Guy 2: “ I know right I’m scared to say it to her though”

Guy 1: “I would totally date her!”
by Jagurl018 October 09, 2017
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