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1)a person with many trades or abilities.
2)a person who is a thief,comitts robberies.
1)I can fade you up,tatt you up and fix ur car, man i'm a jack boy.
2)If we're gonna robb them, let me gather up some jack boys.
by T.A. September 30, 2004
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A person who is trying to steal something by way of force; an armed robber. Atlanta traphouse origin by way of crack dealers.
Keep yo tool on deck o' tha muthafuckin jackboys is gon gotdamn stick yo ass fo sho' cuh.
by Barramundi June 29, 2008
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A street gang created in the suburbs of Chicago. All they did was rob drug dealers. It is said they have stolen over $600,000 of drugs and drug money. After making hundreds of enemies from all different fractions of opposing gangs, they decided it would be more profitable to sell drugs rather than steal them. They held on to the name Jack Boys so that people knew not to fuck with them. They ran under the five point star but had affiliations with the Conservative Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples. Eventually the 3 leaders of the Jack Boys all got sent to jail. The remaining members fell off because of lack of leadership and little money coming in. The Leaders Stay loyal to their nation to this day, even though they have done years in jails and prisons.
Drug Dealer 1: Hey those Jack Boys tryin to sell me some work? i know they rob niggas

Drug Dealer 2: Naw nigga they in the sellin business now
by NationBusiness September 01, 2010
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General term for Robbers. Commonly heard used by rapper Plies who is from Florida.

There is really not much difference from a "Jack Boy" or a "Goon" but jack boy tends to be more specific with stealing, mugging, armed robbing, ect.
Jack boys rob ya at ya own risk.....jack boys out send them please so i can bun them......cause the jack boys in a chopper zone where the jack boys hang and where the goons roam (plies lyrics)
by FLA26 December 25, 2010
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In south Florida back in the 80's there was a gang of car jackers were known as the jackboyz. Since them the term has morphed many times....

Jackboyz are known as thieves, dope dealers and thugs.
You better keep your eyes open cause dem jackboys will take your shit.
by nigga deezee September 07, 2009
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Someone with supreme loyalty and devotion to their squad; Ready to fuck shit up at any moment;
You see that guy over there, he's my Jackboy so watch yourself.

I heard someone yell Jackboyz and next thing i know the party is a giant brawl.
Tony fucked with a Jackboy once, never heard from Tony agian.
by The True Jackboy January 22, 2014
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