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Somebody who is entirely self absorbed and won't do anything for anybody else. Also Sombody who drops another person in the shit.
"dude you just told my wife i'm having an affair, you jack bastard!"
by dannyboy1373 December 04, 2007
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A Knobhead Football Supporter From Swansea City Who Lives In Dillusioned World, Thinking Their Team Is Great.
Look At Those Jack Bastards Over There, What A Bunch Of Fucking Losers
by team ian April 06, 2007
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A Disillusion Football soccer Supporter From A Knobhead Swansea Footballing Culture, Who Supports Shitty Swansea City, They Also Believe They Are More English Than Welsh.
That Jack Bastard Is A Right Knobhead.

Leighton James Is A Right Self Impressing Jack Bastard.
by team Ian April 15, 2007
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A popular military term to describe a serviceman/woman who is selfish and inconsiderate, whom puts him/herself before others. In short, a person who acts alone and not as a team player.
"Oh I see you've made yourself a cup of coffee, but didn't ask us, you jack bastard "

Alternatively "So you tidied up your own work area for the inspection, but didn't do the rest of the teams who were out in the field? Now they are confined to camp, you jack bastard"
by Stagg-on July 11, 2017
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A well known saying in the mpgs ops room at diggers that is said all the time describing a certain serviceman.
You jack bastard matt always looking after yourself and not considering anyone else

You jack bastard matt eat all our expensive biscuits and then bring cheap rich tea in

You jack bastard matt let everyone else do all the work and then offee to help after it's all done
by 5IC August 25, 2017
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