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Goofy, pretty, thick, always laughing until you piss them off.
There goes that baddie jabrea.
by Jabria Baskerville March 14, 2017
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An amazing person/woman with a heart of gold. This woman will do anything and everything to make the one person she loves happy. She will never cheat or stray. She will tell you everyday that she loves you and you cant help but believe her. She's goofy,gorgeous, one of a kid,peace, kids lover, family oriented, unique, queen,the beautifulest woman alive,you can't compare her to anyone else,no one has a beautiful personality like her, thick,different,always laughing until you piss them off,loving,nice,selfless,Always a leader,adventures,creative,baddie,sexy,truthful, never keeps a big and bad lie in, follows what she believes in and nothing else but truthful and more! mostly known as a female name. Jabrea
She's so unique she much be hard too find a woman like her jabrea
by Beautiful lies June 06, 2017
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